Welcome to my world!

Having spent nearly 20+ years in the distilled spirits industry, I am turning a new page in my life… I expect to stay involved with the world of whisk(e)y thru my new website,

Occasionally, I hope to share some of my insights and interesting experiences, both past and present,  as well as some of my future plans and events both here and in social media…

Over the years I have worked with many folks, many brands, many organizations,  and many personalities, but the thoughts expressed in this space will be all mine.

I will be celebrating all things whisk(e)y. I will leave the debates and controversies to others … all mostly friends of mine. I enjoy reading them, but I am going to be here in this space to have a good time and enjoy myself. After all, isn’t that what the world of fine spirits, especially whisk(e)y,  is all about?

Watch this space!


Icons of Whisky 2011
Spirits Ambassador 2003
Whisky Hall of Fame 2015
Keeper of the Quaich 2010
USBG Master Accredation